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Skateboards recyclés

David B Anthony, Keep Pushing

Echo System

Echo System, 2008-2014, néon vert clignotant monté sur plexiglass, 66 x 18 cm. D’après System Failure System Failure Update (écho-système)

Peter Liversidge

http://www.peterliversidge.com Always, 2015   Everything is Connected, 2012 http://www.inglebygallery.com/artists/peter-liversidge/

Forever until the end / Kasper Sonne

Forever until the end (2008), by Kasper Sonne Norvège

Cerith Wyn Evans

Christian Robert-Tissot

James Clar

Jeppe Hein

Carlo Bernardini



2012, installation néon rouge, 62 x 222 cm.

Keith Lemley

néon, who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue ?

Prometheus III / Christopher Boots


The End